5 Things DTC Brands Should Do During a Code Freeze

According to Adobe, 2022’s Black Friday + Cyber Monday online sales surpassed over 20 billion — and that was just in the U.S. alone. So, it should be no surprise that brands execute a “code freeze” during and throughout the holiday season. Code freezes exist to ensure that no bugs—big or small—usurp your sales during high-traffic periods.…More

Direct Hire vs Agency vs Freelancer: Which Do You Need?

Hiring is one of the hardest challenges businesses face while trying to scale. You must first prioritize the right positions, then get the word out about the open role. Then it’s time to select the strongest candidates to interview, conduct those interviews, and finally hire the right person. Then you hope those selected team members…More

Maximize Velocity & Cycle Time With Your Digital Team

Let’s discuss how to maximize velocity and cycle time with a digital product team. The very short answer is: put together a good team, make sure that team has shared alignment on output goals, and then remove any unnecessary obstacles from their path.  But let’s take this a little deeper. Definitions Velocity: This is a…More

How to Integrate Your eCommerce Store & Fulfillment Provider

What do you want to integrate between your eCommerce store and your fulfillment provider or warehouse? How you fulfill your orders between your eCommerce store and your customer can be done several ways. Startup eCommerce stores might choose to fulfill the orders themselves until order volume gets too high. Small business eCommerce stores tend to…More