Most eCommerce Brands Don’t Need to Go Headless (Should You?)

Back in 2019, I was a big advocate for headless architecture. But not anymore. Here’s the thing: Moving to a headless architecture is not going to up-level your tech stack; it’s going parallel to it. In fact, most eCommerce stores would see little benefit from a headless solution. When I gave a presentation called “Confessions of a…More

Shopify vs Squarespace: Which Platform is Better for eCommerce?

Shopify vs Squarespace: if you want to build a website and online store, which platform do you choose? At Anatta, we’ve spent 14+ years working with some of the most iconic brands in eCommerce including Rothys, Athletic Greens, and True Botanicals. When it comes to website building, we’ve seen it all. In this article, we’ll…More

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which Platform Is Better?

Which one is better: Shopify vs WooCommerce? Shopify and WooCommerce are two giants when it comes to eCommerce platforms, but which one is the better pick for your brand? That’s what we’re here to discuss. If you want to compare multiple different enterprise-level eCommerce platforms, you can find that blog here. This blog specifically focuses…More