8 Leadership Strategies in the eCommerce Space

How to bring out the best in your team
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In this article, we’ll explore how to bring out the best in your team. 

Anatta has spent over a decade partnering for the long term with eCommerce teams of all sizes. Here are a handful of productivity and managing practices we’ve seen work time and again. 

1. Hire the right talent to begin with

Once someone new joins your team, you don’t want to micro-manage them. Before you hire someone, make sure they’re the best at what they do. 

Like any professional skill, hiring requires practice and time spent learning what to look for in a portfolio or an interview. Sometimes the easiest way to bring out the best in an employee is to simply hire the right candidate and then understand their motivations.

2. Offer clear onboarding

On a similar note, once someone has been hired, it’s important to have purposeful job training. The onboarding process is an opportunity to clarify expectations and introduce new team members to… well… their new team.

3. Help everyone understand how their team works

Few things motivate most employees like the feeling of being on a supportive team. It’s important to help each employee understand how the organization works on a functional level. What are the functional teams? What are the cross-functional project teams? How do those teams fit into the larger organization? A little communication goes a long way.

4. Be transparent about expectations

You’d be surprised how few employees know what’s expected of them.

Onboarding can be subpar. Positions evolve. Leadership changes. As a result, personal responsibilities can get steadily blurred at any organization.

The solution is simply to set clear and transparent expectations. These expectations — along with company goals and challenges — already exist, they just aren’t always communicated. Now it’s simply time to disclose them.

5. Have clear processes and procedures 

Another way to bring out the best in your team is to communicate your organization’s processes and procedures. Let each employee know where they have creative freedom and control versus what structures are more rigid. Setting these expectations clearly eliminates the guessing games, making each employee more secure in what they’re doing. 

With processes and procedures clearly laid out, employees don’t have to worry about foundational things — and can focus more deeply on their most important work.

6. Give employees creative freedom

The other side of setting clear expectations is giving employees the creative freedom necessary to do their best work. This means empowering them to make their own decisions, giving them time to focus, and answering their questions and requests when they need extra support or resources. eCommerce companies employ a lot of creative people and so making sure they have this freedom is important.

7. Employ some soft skills with each team member

You cannot get the best out of your employees without trust. And trust is built through soft skills: the way you regularly interact with and engage your team.

Soft skills include how you engage in light-touch interactions day to day as well as how you handle hard conversations. By fostering trust through good communication, you’ll see your team — and organization — grow.

8. Encourage employees to follow their interests

Find ways to empower employees to work on projects they’re truly interested in. This can mean assigning them to their ideal projects or simply giving them time in their workweek to learn about or participate in projects that really bring them to life. 

Hopefully these examples help you bring out the best in your team. Thank you for reading.