Why Is UX Design Important for Increasing Your Bottom Line?

Why Is UX Design Important for Increasing Your Bottom Line? While UX design, or user experience design, is important for any brand, it is especially crucial for eCommerce. When a product is designed specifically with the user experience in mind, potential customers are much more likely to engage with your brand and convert to paying…More

Direct Hire vs Agency vs Freelancer: Which Do You Need?

Hiring is one of the hardest challenges businesses face while trying to scale. You must first prioritize the right positions, then get the word out about the open role. Then it’s time to select the strongest candidates to interview, conduct those interviews, and finally hire the right person. Then you hope those selected team members…More

Marketplace vs. Own Website: An eCommerce Crisis

For eCommerce sellers, marketplaces can seem appealing on the surface. Marketplaces are low maintenance. You don’t have to design a website or create a checkout flow. There’s less to build and manage, so that you can simply upload your product information and start selling. Not to mention, marketplaces sometimes offer an element of discoverability.  But…More

Anatta: Our Company Core Values

One of the keys to fostering a fulfilling and productive work environment is by having clear core values that are taken seriously. In this article, I’ll break down Anatta’s core values, the their purpose within an eCommerce organization, and how to create and uphold them within your organization. Let’s dive in. Anatta’s core values Integrity:…More

eCommerce Tech Stack: The 2021 Definitive Guide

So you want to create a strong eCommerce tech stack. New technology is constantly hitting the eCommerce landscape. In this article, we’ll dive into the essentials, helping you distinguish signals from noise so that you understand what best-in-class eCommerce startups are using to run their online stores. This is your 2021 eCommerce technology list. Tech…More