eCommerce Tech Stack: The 2021 Definitive Guide

So you want to create a strong eCommerce tech stack. New technology is constantly hitting the eCommerce landscape. In this article, we’ll dive into the essentials, helping you distinguish signals from noise so that you understand what best-in-class eCommerce startups are using to run their online stores. This is your 2021 eCommerce technology list. Tech…More

How to Recession-Proof Your eCommerce Business

In the entrepreneurial world, recessions are commonly described as a “reshuffling.” Money — and whole markets — moves faster than usual. Businesses go under. New ones are born. Some teams contract. Others expand. All of it happens so fast. Impacted by COVID-19, over 100,000 businesses closed their doors for good in the first few months…More

Why You Should Choose a Niche for Your eCommerce Store

eCommerce sales exploded in 2020 as consumers were forced to conduct a lot more of their regular shopping online. And as demand for online shopping went up, eCommerce became even more competitive for online store owners.  In 2021, choosing the right eCommerce niche is one of the best ways to stand out and find success…More

Progressive Web App vs. Native App (2021 Edition)

What are the pros and cons of using a progressive web app vs. a native app for your eCommerce store? That’s what we’ll explore in today’s article. But first, let’s start with some definitions. Definition: progressive web app and native app A progressive web app (PWA) is a web-based application that is accessed using a…More

eCommerce Replatforming Checklist [Free Google Sheet]

Replatforming is a big decision. For an established eCommerce store, there are many factors to consider — and that you need to get right.  We created this eCommerce replatforming checklist to help your team make sure you don’t miss any crucial steps.  Let’s dive in. (Also: If you want a literal eCommerce replatforming checklist, here’s…More