How to Build an Effective eCommerce User Experience

The world is beginning to understand the value of user experience (UX). For many years, designers had to fight to convince organizations that UX was important. Fortunately, things began to change around the launch of the iPhone.  With the iPhone, Apple embraced user experience to its core, creating a mobile device that set a new…More

The Role of Qualitative Research for Emerging eCommerce Brands

It’s common in eCommerce for decision-makers to focus purely on numbers. Teams rely on rates and graphs, looking for ways to make numbers move continuously up and to the right. Numbers drive decisions, establish goals. When these companies come to Anatta, most of the time they want to make more money, increase registrations, increase time…More

How to Use Google Lighthouse to Improve Website Speed

Recently we helped one of our eCommerce clients significantly improve their site speed and performance. One of the main tools we used to achieve our shared success was Google Lighthouse. In this article, I’ll break down how to use Google Lighthouse to improve your website speed. Let’s start with the basics. What is Google Lighthouse?…More

7 Techniques to Improve Your eCommerce Site Speed

Let’s improve your eCommerce site speed. The style of your website shouldn’t steal from its speed. You can have a beautiful and fast-loading eCommerce store. In this article, we’ll cover some of the techniques we use every week at Anatta to develop beautiful eCommerce websites — that happen to be some of the fastest-loading websites…More

The Most Common Digital Product Risks for eCommerce Companies

Let’s discuss the most common digital product risks for eCommerce companies. These observations are based on years of experience working with eCommerce stores, from fledgling startups to industry-leading brands.  Some of these may sound familiar, but hopefully others will help you learn some of the unknown unknowns before these risks snowball into real problems. Let’s…More