Solve Your Speed Problem with This eCommerce Architecture.

If any page on your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53% of mobile visitors will leave. That’s over half of your (increasingly expensive) traffic. Gone before they see a single pixel. Having the fastest possible site speed is no longer a nice-to-have. Nowadays, it’s a basic consumer expectation. Amazon calculated that a…More

The #1 CRO Mistake And How to Avoid It.

At certain points in the life cycle of any brand, paid traffic performance will drop measurably. Throw in major external factors (hello, COVID-19), and CPM and CPC will dip even further. So when your Cost of Acquisition (CAC) is sky high, what’s an eCommerce brand to do? The answer is to rethink your Conversion Rate…More

It Doesn’t Matter What eCommerce Platform You Use

90% of all eCommerce platforms are the same. They provide: key features for your customers to shop a way to manage operations, and a foundation to design a consistent theme One thing a platform doesn’t do is determine if your business will grow. Growth is determined by your customer experience, marketing, and customer service. Unfortunately,…More

Don’t Wait For Your eCommerce Platform To Offer Progressive Web Apps

No matter what eCommerce platform you use (Shopify, Magneto, Spree, etc.) you can upgrade to become a Progressive Web Application (PWA) right now. However, if you look to your eCommerce platform to provide this option, you’ll be out of luck. Progressive Web Applications allow your eCommerce site to harness the best of current browser capabilities and…More

The 20:1 Ratio That’s Killing Your eCommerce Business

True story: When you effectively optimize conversion rates, you don’t have to spend as much money to acquire traffic. In our 10 years of experience, we’ve learned that most eCommerce companies spend a 20:1 ratio between advertising (i.e., Adwords, Facebook, etc.) versus conversion optimization (AB Testing, UX Audit, Checkout Funnel, etc.). This is a major lost…More